Explore Shizuoka

Explore the serene environment, unique history and friendly local communities of Shizuoka, majestic home of Mount Fuji

Explore Shizuoka

Discover Tokaido, the ancient and modern route that links Tokyo and Kyoto, and how you can experience it.

Things to Do

Browse the unique nature and culture related activities, attractions and scenery that Shizuoka is famous for.

Mount Fuji

Experience Japan’s most enduring icon, Mt Fuji, through ecotours, historical shrines, and local communities.

Famous for Food

See why Shizuoka is famous for green tea, wasabi and sake, and enjoy the festivals that celebrate the culinary culture.

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Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre

Newly opened in Fujinomiya City the Mt Fuji World Heritage Centre provides an opportunity for visitors an opportunity to experience and explore Mt Fuji like never before…

RWC 2019 in Shizuoka

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2019 – 1 Year to Go Campaign Shizuoka presents 7 easily accessible locations around the prefecture that will make it a Once in a Lifetime Experience…


From November 7th to 9th every year in this small hot spring town locals & people from all over Japan gather to walk the 88 Point Pilgrimage – inspired by the longer version in Shikoku this is an accessible way to experience more than 1200 years of history… 

Destination Shizuoka

Plan your Trip

Nestled right between Kyoto and Tokyo, and accessible within one hour via the Tokaido Shinkansen, immerse yourself in authentic Japanese culture and nature. Shizuoka’s varying geography has something for everyone, from mountain hiking and biking, to water sports and onsen retreats.

Regions of Shizuoka

Western Area

Soak in the onsen hot spring atmosphere around Lake Hamanako, or participate in exciting local festivals

Central Area

Explore local villages nestled in the mountains, and enjoy festivals and customs hundreds of years in the making

Eastern Area

From Mt Fuji down to the onsens and white sand beaches of the Izu peninsula, explore a plethora of scenic spots and nature activities

Area Focus


Explore Castles, mansions, and good local food outdoors.

One of the main stations right on the Tokaido line between Tokyo and Kyoto, Kakegawa offers authentic Japanese outdoor dining, historical castles and mansions to explore, and friendly locals to show you around. Stay for a day, or make it your base for a few nights when the 2019 Rugby World Cup comes to town!

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  • What can I say about my trip to Japan so far? It's every bit as bizarre and beautiful as I thought it'd be, and then times that by 100. I genuinely don't think I've come across a more generous, kind and respectful people than the Japanese, and it's been brilliant immersing myself in this culture and learning about their way of life. I'm even thinking of bringing this yukata home with me! (📸: @wanderlustchloe) #enjoymyjapan
  • C O A S T 💕 So @anadventurousworld and I think this part of Japan reminds us of Italy's Amalfi Coast! What do you think? 🤔🇯🇵 #enjoymyjapan #exploreshizuoka

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