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Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium

An introduction to this world class stadium nestled between mountains and forests in Shizuoka. ‘ECOPA is the amalgamation of ECO, for ecologic, and PA, for park.’

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is coming to Ecopa Stadium Shizuoka!
Here is a quick breakdown of the four huge matches to be contested in Shizuoka.

Japan vs Ireland  

28th September, 2019

Set to be one of toughest games in pool A, Japan vs Ireland could be a blockbuster affair. The two teams have faced off in Shizuoka previously, with Ireland taking the match on the 17th of June, 2017.

Irish rugby fans are famous for traveling long distances to support their sports teams and for having the most fun wherever they go. The fact that Ireland will be playing the host nation Japan in the Ecopa game means it can be expected that many fans will target this game as one of the highlights of the pool games.

South Africa vs Italy

4th October, 2019

Perennial contenders, the Springboks, will be looking to put on a class performance against one of Europe’s strongest teams, the Azzurri. This promises to be a thudding affair with the South Africans known for their physical style of play.

Passion, physicality, power, and a touch of precision can be expected during this match!

Scotland vs Europe 1

9th October, 2019

Scotland will take on the top team out of the European qualifying rounds in which is sure to be an entertaining match.

Scottish rugby fans are known internationally to be passionate and entertaining crowd participants, with this in mind this game could prove to be one of the funnest to be part of at ECOPA!

Australia vs Georgia

9th October, 2019

One of the antipodean powerhouses, Australia, will look to put on a show against Georgia in the final game to be held at ECOPA during the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

With Australians being one of the most prolific rugby travelling nations, a large contingent of fans and revellers are expected to make this crowd experience highly entertaining.

For more information regarding the 2019 Rugby World Cup fixtures and events head to the official website:

“From the surge of energy generated by the thronging masses on the approach walkway, to the thunderous roars of excitement during the match, the constant feeling that we were surrounded by nature was ever present at ECOPA”

– Sam Dean, Sports and Stadium Enthusiast, 2017


‘Health, Sports, and Nature’ are the three ideals in which Ogasayama Nature and Sports Park ECOPA were designed and built by. ECOPA stadium is the centerpiece of the sports park and blends the three magnificently. Nestled in the mountains, ECOPA uses nature to run it’s systems; utilising rainwater for watering the fields and bathroom water, solar energy for electricity, and ice thermal storage for climate control in the indoor areas. Whilst the stadium was built for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, it has since been utilised for many J-League football matches, International sports matches, music concerts, and will be a key stadium for the upcoming 2019 Rugby World CupThe stadium is located in Fukuroi, Shizuoka, and borders Kakegawa, Shizuoka. The stadium can be easily accessed via a short walk from the Tokaido line station of Aino. The shinkansen stop at Kakegawa also offers fast and convenient access from other major cities around Japan, as the events often offer a shuttle service.

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