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5 Areas to Check out Near Kakegawa Station

Take a short trip from Kakegawa Station and Explore Shizuoka’s Green Tea, Surf Beaches and Hidden Valleys

Things to Do IN & AROUND Kakegawa



The Kakegawa region of Shizuoka has plenty to offer visitors to Japan that are looking for unique Japanese experiences.

Easily accessible from Kakegawa Bullet Train Station are Kakegawa City, Fukuroi City, Makinohara, Omaezaki and Kawane. 


There are a number of great green tea experiences accessible from Kakegawa Station.

A short walk from the station and next to Kakegawa Castle is the Ninomaru Tea Room where you can try a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Grab a Kakegawa Experience Passport and spend a day enjoying this authentic castle town.

 A short taxi ride from Kakegawa Station is Kiwi Fruit Country – a 10 hectare family owned kiwifruit farm that grow 80 varieties of the fruit and offer green tea experiences and also have BBQ facilities under kiwifruit vines. 


A short train ride from Kakegawa Station on the JR Tokaido Line is Fukuroi.

A 10 minute taxi ride from the Fukuroi Station is Akiho Sohonden Kasuisai – a 600 year old Zen Buddhist Temple.  

As soon as you walk on to the hallowed grounds of Kasuisai Temple you are immersed in Japanese Zen spiritualism and wandering through the halls give you a sense of the minimalistic lifestyle Zen practitioners have adhered to for centuries.

For those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of life in a Zen Temple try the Zazen experience or enjoy a special vegetarian meal.

Visit in Spring to see the peony blossoming in the traditional Japanese Garden.

Kakegawa Station

Kakegawa Station is the 5th Bullet Train Station in Shizuoka along the Tokaido Line.

The city is famous as a castle town with a significant Samurai history and the surrounding area is one of the biggest producers of green tea in the World.


If you enjoy green tea and want to understand more about the history, culture, and complexities of this drink and why it is so important to the Japanese people.

Explore Samurai Castles, Ancient Zen Temples, and beautiful Japanese gardens that give you a glimpse of life 300 years ago.


From Kakegawa Station there are a number of Off The Beaten Track destinations to explore.

Ride a Steam Locomotive up into the deep valleys of the Japanese Southern Alps or rent a car bring your bike and spend a couple of days exploring endless green tea plantations and long stretches of coastline and beach culture.


An easy walk from Kakegawa Station there are a number of great attractions suitable for all ages.

Pick up a Kakegawa Day Passport and spend a day visiting Kakegawa Castle and the surrounding grounds and thrill the kids with a trip to the Bird Park to meet some colorful characters.


3. KAWANE  – 

Kawane is located in the foothills of the Southern Alps. It is about an hour and a half train journey from Kakegawa Station. 

 The journey to Kawane is as impressive as the destination – for the train ride from Kanaya Station to Senzu station is a fantastic 1 hour ride and you can choose to travel by Steam Locomotive.

Once you are in the mountains there are a number of different experiences available. The most popular destination for visitors is Sumatakyo Onsen and the “Bridge of Dreams”.


The Makinohara Tea Field plantations are a sight to behold. Neatly trimmed Green Tea bushels that stretch for as far as the eye can see.

Makinohara is a short trip from Kakegawa Station but to access the tea fields you will either need to travel by car, taxi, or bicycle.

Visit the Green Pia Tea Plantation and try your hand at picking green tea leaves and enjoying trying the different green tea ice cream flavors at their cafe.


The coastal area of Omaezaki is a 40 minute drive from Kakegawa Station and when you get there it feels as though you are totally off the grid.

Omaezaki is primarily a fishing town that is situated at the entrance to the nutrient rich Suruga Bay, where it meets the Pacific Ocean. 

The local accommodation in the area take pride in serving the freshest seafood from the local markets.

The area is also famous for its annual International Windsurfing Tournament (Omaezaki Japan Cup), long surf beaches and sand dunes. 

Omaezaki has the feeling of a sleepy beach town with a growing surf culture that is reflected in the new cafes and locals weekend craft markets reminiscent of surf towns in other countries.


Check the Omaezaki Beach Culture Model Course.

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