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From the white sand beaches in sub-tropical Izu Peninsula to the surf beaches with views of Mt Fuji Shizuoka is a great beach destination anytime of the year.


When the city gets to be too much or you have visited about as many shrines and temples as you can manage why not hit the beach.

Jump in the surf, read a book or just squish your toes into the sand – Shizuoka beaches have something for everyone.

Shizuoka is blessed with over 500 km of coastline starting in Atami in the East, stretching around Izu Peninsula and running all the way down to the Shirasuka Coast in Kosai City in the West.

Along this coastline there are numerous beaches to visit and enjoy – each with its own characteristics and charms.

The following showcases 5 Great Beaches in Shizuoka that are worth checking out no matter if you have 3 days or just a couple of hours to spare.


If the Summer heat is too much and you need to get out of Tokyo for some beach time in a hurry then Atami Sun Beach is a great option.

Although it is not the closest beach it is perhaps the easiest and fastest beach to get to from Tokyo.

This is because the Bullet Train goes straight from Tokyo Station and in just over 40 minutes you are at Atami Station – from there it is an 8 minute walk to the beach.

However, due to the convenient location, Atami is a popular tourist destination.

Especially in the Summer months the Atami Sun Beach is quite small and can become crowded quite easily.

The highlight of Atami Sun Beach is Atami Onsen town which is full of great resort hotels and great spots to visit.

One of the highlights of staying in Atami Onsen are the regular fireworks displays over water during the warm Summer months.

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If you are looking for white sand beaches and clear blue water then it is worth traveling a little bit further South along the East Coast of Izu to the towns of Shimoda and Minami Izu.


The area around Shimoda has a number of great beaches and there is something for everyone – white sandy beaches, secluded bays and rocky coves.

All of the beaches benefit from clean clear water and depending on swell and wind there are a number of water activities available including surfing, snorkeling, SUP or sea kayaking.

Iritahama Beach is just 10 minutes South of Perry Road and is often chosen as the top beach in Izu and one of the best beaches in Japan.

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A little bit further around the coast in Minami Izu is Yumigahama Beach.

A large sandy beach that is flanked with palm trees on each end gives this beach a very tropical feel. 

The area around the beach has a good supply of accommodation – including some great minshuku – making it easy to settle in for a couple of days, enjoy great Japanese hospitality and dine every night on locally caught fresh seafood. 

From Minami Izu many of the great spots along the coast, such as Irozaki Cape.

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Shizuoka has approximately 500 km of coastline - from Atami in the East to Hamamatsu in the West. As Shizuoka is on the East Coast of Japan most of the coast faces the Pacific Ocean but due to the geology of Izu Peninsula a large part of the coast is on the Suruga Bay.


Atami Station is just 40 mins from Tokyo Station on the Tokaido Bullet Train and is a gateway to Izu Peninsula. Stay in Atami Onsen and enjoy hot springs with a view of the ocean or travel by train to Shimoda or Minami Izu white sand beaches and many ocean activities.


The Omaezaki lighthouse signifies the point where the Pacific Ocean and the deep Suruga Bay meet & depending on the wind and weather local fisherman can decide where to go for the daily catch. As a result there is always a wide variety of different fresh seafood options.


Lake Hamanako is a favourite destination for locals in the Summer and the area comes alive. This brackish lake provides plenty of attractions and experiences for all visitors - from night spearfishing to flying high in a parasail or enjoying the exciting spectacle of Japan speedboat racing there is something for everyone to enjoy.



From the moment that you arrive at Miho no Matsubara and you walk through some of the 30,000 pine trees that grow near the beach you feel as though you are somewhere special.

There is a good reason that Miho no Matsubara was registered as a part of Mt. Fuji’s world heritage status in 2013.


The beach itself is very different to the white sand beaches of Izu Peninsula and is and it is not really suitable for surfing, swimming or sunbathing.

Miho no Matsubara Beach is best visited in the colder months between November and March as this is the best time to get a photo of a white capped Mt. Fuji standing proudly above the pine trees.

Check out 5 Things to Do Around Shizuoka City for more details on how to make Miho no Matsubara part of a magical day.

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A short 20 -30min bus or taxi ride from Kakegawa Station are the coastal towns of Makinohara and Omaezaki.

Perhaps the most popular beach in this area is Shizunami Beach – one beach on a long stretch of coast that is a great spot for surfing, swimming or sunbathing.

Often overlooked by many travelers the beaches in this area are very much worth a look especially for visitors that like to get off the beaten track – but not too far.

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Omaezaki Beach – Just down the coast from Shizunami this beach is famous for hosting Windsurfing Competitions.

Shirahama Beach – Possibly the most famous & popular beach in Izu

Bentenjima Beach – 20 mins from Hamamatsu Station this inlet beach at the entrance to Lake Hamana is a popular spot to watch the sunset.

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