Enjoy Slow Life in Omaezaki & Makinohara

If you are looking for things to do in Omaezaki and Makinohara and want to take things slow here this is a good place to start.


If you want to get away from the city, hit the beach, meet the locals and chill then the coastal towns of Makinohara and Omaezaki, just 30 mins from Kakegawa Bullet Train Station, are worth a visit.


As a starting point, and visual landmark, you can’t go past a lighthouse.

The Omaezaki Cape is where the mighty Pacific Ocean meets the deep waters of Suruga Bay and the Omaezaki lighthouse has played an important role in ensuring that boats find safe harbor since it was built by English engineers in 1874.

The lighthouse is open to the public and offers spectacular views up and down the coast and it is a great spot to catch the sunset.


The Hamaoka Sand Dunes are a 15 min drive along the coast from the Omaezaki Lighthouse.

The dunes are a popular tourist spot and represent the start of a long stretch of the Pacific Ocean coastline.

The best time to visit is late February / early March when the Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

During this time the locals have a cherry blossom festival and set up stalls selling everything from musical instruments, coffee, curry, and locally sourced organic produce.


The Makinohara green tea plantation is one of the biggest in Japan with acres of neatly trimmed rows of green tea plants stretching off into the distance.

Green Pia Makinohara is one of the biggest producers of green tea in the area and visitors to the factory and farm can learn about every aspect of the green tea harvesting procedure and try their hand at picking their own.

They also have a cafe/store that sells a range of green tea products and goods and has 10 different green tea ice cream flavors for you to try.

Kakegawa Station

Kakegawa Station is the 5th Bullet Train Station in Shizuoka along the Tokaido Line.

The city is famous as a castle town with a significant Samurai history and the surrounding area is one of the biggest producers of green tea in the World.


If you enjoy green tea and want to understand more about the history, culture, and complexities of this drink and why it is so important to the Japanese people.

Explore Samurai Castles, Ancient Zen Temples, and beautiful Japanese gardens that give you a glimpse of life 300 years ago.


From Kakegawa Station there are a number of Off The Beaten Track destinations to explore.

Ride a Steam Locomotive up into the deep valleys of the Japanese Southern Alps or rent a car bring your bike and spend a couple of days exploring endless green tea plantations and long stretches of coastline and beach culture.


An easy walk from Kakegawa Station there are a number of great attractions suitable for all ages.

Pick up a Kakegawa Day Passport and spend a day visiting Kakegawa Castle and the surrounding grounds and thrill the kids with a trip to the Bird Park to meet some colorful characters.



The most popular beach in the Omaezaki / Makinohara area is probably Shizunami Beach.

The beach is fairly protected from the wind by the Omaezaki Cape and is not as exposed to the Pacific Ocean as many of the other beaches along the Coast.

This makes it popular with beachgoers and families in the Summer months and many businesses and beach shacks pop up along the beach area.

Possibly a little more than the Omaezaki area this part of the area has a more traditional surfer beach vibe.

There are a number of surf shops in the area where you can rent a board and wetsuit and will provide lessons (unfortunately most of the information is in Japanese).


In recent years a number of new cafes, bars, and beach-house-style accommodations have popped up around the Makinohara beach areas of Sagara, Katahama & Shizunami.

One example of this is HAZ Cottage which is only a 10mins walk from Sagara Sun Beach.

The cottage is a renovated old Japanese-style house that has been given a modern beach house feel.

The owners also run a Vegan cafe and a craft beer bar on the premises – if you have never tried vegan sushi then this is your opportunity!

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