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Shizuoka offers an amazing range of experiences for all cycling levels throughout the Prefecture – here are 6 to check out.

Cycling in Shizuoka

Cycling through rice paddies, green tea fields or along the coast are great options for cycling in Japan – quite often with Mt Fuji as your backdrop making for outstanding cycling experiences.


The Kakegawa & Kikugawa areas are perhaps best known for the production of some of the best green tea in the World.

As one of the 6 stations on the JR Tokaido Bullet train line in Shizuoka, this quaint castle town is a very convenient starting point for any cycling adventure in the Prefecture.

After starting your day by sampling some of the local green tea and visiting Kakegawa Castle & some of the other attractions there are a number of different routes available for all levels of cyclists.

Head up into the green tea fields in the mountains, cruise down to Omaezaki and ride along the coast or follow the Old Tokaido Highway and visit some of the shrines in Fukuroi.

Course Details


Take the local JR Tokaido Line from Kakegawa Station 3 stops to Shimada Station to take a journey following the Oigawa (Oi River) up into the foothills of Japan’s Southern Alps.

Ride from Shimada Station over the Horai Bridge to Shin Kanaya Station cross back over the river and follow it upstream into the mountains to Senzu Station in Kawane Honcho.

This is a popular cycling route especially in Late March / Early April when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, or again during the Autumn months of October and November when the hills are ablaze with Reds, Yellows, and Brown from the Fall leaves.

All along the way, there are restaurants, cafes, and hot springs so that you can take your time and enjoy the journey.

Stay with one of the locals and enjoy a farm-to-table experience and stay a couple of days to explore Sumatakyo Onsen and Ikawa Lake Area – for serious cyclists there are some challenging rides once you get up into the mountains.


Cycling in Shizuoka

Shizuoka is a great cycling destination for all levels. Temperate climate, good roads, steep climbs and... Mt Fuji.

Choose from any of the following JR Bullet Train stations as a starting point for your Shizuoka Cycling adventure.


Heading North from Mishima Station you can easily get to Gotemba and Oyama at the Eastern Foothills of Mt Fuji... Head North and you can access the western coastline of Izu Peninsula. Take the train from Mishima Station to Izu Nagaoka & check out the Merida Showroom - a cyclists dream come true... Read More


Atami Station is the gateway to Izu Peninsula rugged East coast road which boasts some of the best ocean coastal roads in Japan...  Read More


From Shin Fuji Station it is easy to access the town of Fujinomiya at the foothills of Mt Fuji on the JR Minoru Line. Once you arrive in Fujinomiya spend an hour or so cycling around this idyllic Japanese town, grab a coffee and marvel at... Read More


 After arriving at Hamamatsu Station head to In Hamamatsu information desk to leave luggage, get information on local cycling areas - rental bikes are also available...Read More


The Izu Peninsula is arguably Shizuoka’s most popular cycling destination.

You can cruise along the coast and enjoy stunning views of the rugged coastline, enjoy amazing sunsets and catch amazing views of Mt Fuji across Suruga Bay.

Or you can head inland and challenge some of the mountains and hills that rise from sea level up to 1,400 meters.


The Makinohara Plains produce 40% of all Shizuoka’s green tea stretching from Shimada Station down to the ocean covering more than 12,000 acres (5,000 hectares).

By their very definition the Makinohara Plains are fairly level so even for beginners the cycling does not present too many challenges.

Cycling through the endless green tea fields all the way down to Sagara Sun Beach on the coastline is a great Shizuoka experience.

Spend a couple of days at the beach and then cycle down the coast to your next destination.



Take the local JR Tokaido line from Hamamatsu Station to Maisaka or Araimachi Stations or jump on a free Kanzanji hotel shuttle with your bike to get to the Brackish Lake Hamana.

There are a wide array of different cycling courses available from a full 82 km circumnavigation of the lake to more relaxed rides for beginners from the hot spring resort town of Kanzanji.


If you want a cycling course with Mt Fuji as your constant companion the pack up your bike and jump on the Yakisoba Express bus from Tokyo Station to Fujinomiya (96 mins) – the closest city to Mt Fuji.

Once you are in Fujinomiya you are spoiled for choice as a cyclist. 

For those that are up for the challenge, and enjoy the pain, jump in the saddle and head straight to the Fujinomiya 5th Station via the Fujisan Skyline Road – a grueling 5 hour ride to an elevation of 2,375m.


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Cycling in Shizuoka

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