Just 40 minutes from Tokyo the Hot Spring town of Atami Onsen by the sea has been a popular getaway for Tokyoites for centuries.




The seaside hot spring resort town of Atami Onsen is just 40 minutes from Tokyo Station on the Tokaido Bullet Train and has been a popular getaway for many in the Tokyo area for centuries.

Atami Onsen is said to be one of Japan’s three oldest hot springs and was a favorite of the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in the 17th century.

During the heyday of Japan’s bubble economy of the ’80s and early 90’s Atami Onsen, due to its close proximity to Tokyo, was one of the most popular destinations for weekend corporate getaways.

As a result, the area saw extensive development, and new resorts were built at an incredible rate.

Unfortunately, when the bubble burst many of the hotels and resorts fell on hard times and were forced to close which left the town with a number of abandoned and crumbling infrastructure.

Due to this perhaps the town is sometimes overlooked on lists for top Hot Spring resorts in Japan.

However, if you are looking for a convenient seaside Japanese hot spring experience out of the big city Atami Onsen provides you with everything you should expect in terms of Japanese hospitality and more.


As with all good Hot Spring resort towns in Japan, the hotels and ryokan in town have just one mission – to make sure their customers come away from their stay completely relaxed and satisfied.

A big part of the Japanese Hot Spring experience is the food – English Menu Restaurant Guide.

With its close proximity to the ocean, Atami Onsen is blessed with being able to provide the freshest seafood possible with the evening meal often consisting of an array of seasonal seafood caught that day.

There is something special about arriving at your destination, soaking in an onsen with views of the ocean followed by a feast of seafood and sake before sliding into a comfy bed with freshly cleaned sheets to help you instantly feel as though you are miles away from all of the everyday stress of the World.

Visit the Explore Izu Website for more information.


Just 40 mins from Tokyo Atami Station is the Gateway to Izu Peninsula and a perfect starting point for Explorers, Adventurers, Foodies, Hot Spring Enthusiasts, Sun Lovers and anyone who hears the ocean calling.


From Atami Station, there is a scenic train ride that follows the East Coast of Izu down to the beautiful town of Shimoda.

From there you can access Minami Izu and seemingly endless stretches of rugged coastline, white sand beaches, and small fishing villages waiting to be explored.


With all of the beaches and ocean accessible from Atami Station, there is a wide variety of ocean and water sports available for anyone who likes to get out and active - such as surfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing.

For land-based activities, Izu Peninsula is a popular destination for cyclists and the area has a wide array of hiking trails.


The hot spring resort town of Atami Onsen is one of the oldest hot spring towns in Japan and has been catering to visitors looking for rest and relaxation for centuries.

Atami is for people who enjoy Japanese hospitality, feasts of fresh seafood, and soaking in a hot tub while staring out to sea.

Mt Omuro in Ito-City



It is said that Atami Onsen became famous in Japan when Tokugawa Ieyasu came to the town in the early 17th century and was so impressed with the healing powers of the water that he took them back to the new capital of Edo (Tokyo).

There is a foot spa outside of Atami Station dedicated to this great Shogun himself – Ieyasu no Yu – which is a great way to refresh after a day of traveling.

Even if you do not intend to stay at one of Atami’s great hotels you can still enjoy the experience of relaxing in one of the many day spas located close to the station.


Atami has a number of easily accessible attractions to help you fill in a day or two in between soaking in the onsen or enjoying the local cuisine.

Some of the more popular attractions include the Museum of Art, Atami Castle, Kiunkaku Gardens, or the Akao Herb & Rose Garden.

Check out Explore Shizuoka Atami Day Trip Model Course


On the Tokaido Bullet Train from Tokyo Station, you can get to Atami Station in 35 to 50 minutes.

There is a Tourist Information Center with English information at the Station.

The Yu-Yu Bus is a great way to get around the town – a 1-day pass for 700 yen will get you to most of the most popular attractions.


If your main purpose for visiting Atami Onsen is purely to enjoy one of the many Onsen Hotels and Ryokan in the area as each season brings with it a different menu of locally caught seafood they are excellent any time of year.

If you are in Japan in the winter months and want to enjoy some of Japan’s famous blossoms Atami Baien Plum Garden has a Plum Blossom Festival from mid-Jan to mid-March.

Summer is hot in Atami and it is a great time to enjoy ocean activities and spend some time on Atami Sun Beach, take a trip to Hatsushima or enjoy the famous Atami fireworks display – about 10 displays throughout the year.

Even if you only have a couple of hours to spare hop off at Atami Station and explore the Atami Ginza shopping area –

for a coffee in the morning, lunch or a maybe even a stroll to the beach – it is a great way to experience a Japanese seaside hot spring town.

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