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Atami Station

The historic hot spring town of Atami, located at Atami Station, has been looking after weary travelers for hundreds of years. Today the town remains a favorite getaway for Tokyoites due to its easy accessibility on the Tokaido Bullet Train – it is also a Gateway to the spectacular Izu Peninsula.

From Atami Station take a scenic trip down the east coast along the shoreline to the spectacular cherry blossom festival and waterfalls around Kawazu and then on to the beautiful white sand beaches of Shimoda and finally explore the rugged shoreline of Southern Izu.

You won’t believe you are just 2 hours from one of the biggest cities in the World.

Easily accessible from Atami Station

Atami Hot Spring Town MOA Art Museum, Herb Garden, Atami Castle, Atami Shopping Arcades, Sun Beach

Ito City – Mt Omuro and Shaboten Zoo, Jogasaki Coast & 7 golf courses including the famous Kawana Hotel course.

Kawazu – Cherry Blossom Festival, Nanadaru Waterfall and outdoor hot springs

Shimoda Township – Beaches, Surfing, Perry Road Walking Tours, Fishing, Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling, Scuba Diving

Minami Izu – Cycling, Sea Kayaking, Seafood, Traditional Japanese Inns, Hagachizaki Monkey Beach



Just 40 mins from Tokyo Atami Station is the Gateway to Izu Peninsula and a perfect starting point for Explorers, Adventurers, Foodies, Hot Spring Enthusiasts, Sun Lovers and anyone who hears the ocean calling.


From Atami Station there is a scenic train ride that follows the East Coast of Izu down to the beautiful town of Shimoda. From there you can access Minami Izu and seemingly endless stretches of rugged coastline, white sand beaches and small fishing villages waiting to be explored.


With all of the beaches and ocean accessible from Atami Station there are a wide variety of ocean and water sports available for anyone who likes to get out and active - such as surfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling and fishing. For land-based activities Izu Peninsula is a popular destination for cyclists and the area has a wide array of hiking trails.


The hot spring resort town of Atami Onsen is one of the oldest hot spring towns in Japan and has been catering to visitors looking for rest and relaxation for centuries. If you enjoy Japanese hospitality, feasts of fresh seafood and soaking in a hot tub while staring out to sea then this is the place for you.

Mt Omuro in Ito-City


Getting there and around

Jump on a local train to Ito Station and  grab an IZU DREAM PASS 3-Day ticket.

This will allow you to jump on and off the trains and buses and access most of Izu (and even ride on the ferry to Shimizu) and give you the ability to take your time and enjoy some of the most stunning coastal views in Japan.

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40 mins from Tokyo the Hot Spring town of Atami by the sea has been a popular getaway for Tokyoites for centuries.

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