Central Shizuoka

Steeped in history and culture, the region is a brilliant contrast between the marvels of modern Japan and the deep history the country is known for. Enjoy the gourmet delights Shizuoka is famous for in Japan, wasabi, green tea, strawberries and Sake, and then tour centuries old castles, where famous Japanese made history

Farm to Table Experience in Kawane

Escape to Shizuoka: Farm to Table, Steam Locomotive, and the Bridge of Dreams Take a journey on a steam locomotive deep into the forest covered mountains of Kawane Shizuoka, and discover turquoise waters nestled amongst a canvas of green, friendly locals creating farm...

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Sunpu Castle Shizuoka City

Sunpu Castle, Shizuoka City Explore Sunpu Castle, which has the largest keep in Japan and dates back nearly 1,000 years to the Warring States Period. Sunpu Castle, or Sunpu-jō in Japanese, is a castle in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, originally built in 1337 by...

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See history come to life and why the region is famous for food

Explore the area that lives and breathes culture and history, and why the area is not only central to Shizuoka, but central to key events in the history of Japan.

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