Explore Nishi Izu 

Just a short journey South of Mishima Station, the West Coast of Izu offers intrepid travelers a chance to get off the beaten track.

The stretch of coastline from the old gold mining town of Toi down to the small fishing village of Koura offers a number of exciting adventures, beautiful sunsets and spectacular views around every corner.

IZU west coast



Ready to get away from the cities? Had enough of temples and shrines?

Have a strong sense of adventure or want to enjoy some authentic Japanese hospitality? How about hot springs with views of the ocean, some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat and with stunning sunsets and views of Mt Fuji?

Nishi Izu has all this and more. 

Start your journey at the small onsen town of Toi and slowly make your way to the quaint fishing village of Koura in Minami Izu. 


In the age of Tokugawa there were 2 main gold mines in Japan – the largest is found on the Sado Island and the 2nd largest was on the West Coast of Izu in the small town of Toi.

Perfect access from the ocean and great proximity across Suruga Bay to Tokugawa’s residence in Shizuoka City turned this fishing port into a bustling Gold mining Town.

Today there is very little to remind you of the town in its heyday of geisha entertaining merchants and miners but a visit to the mines is a great way to get an appreciation for the work that was done to build elaborate tunnels into the mountain in search of riches.

KOIBITO MISAKI (Lover’s Cape) – 

Not far down the coast from Toi Port is Koibito Misaki or Lover’s Cape which is a great lookout spot that offers spectacular views out over Suruga Bay and, on a clear day, unobstructed views of Mt Fuji in the distance.

It is a sort walk out to the Cape from the bus stop and is particularly beautiful around sunset.

For the best chance to get clear views of Mt Fuji Winter and early Spring or late Autumn when the weather is a little cooler are recommended. 


To access this area of Izu the most convenient way is to pick up a rental car at Mishima Station and drive down along the coast – as this will give you the freedom and explore at your own pace.

However if you are not comfortable driving in Japan then there is an extensive train and bus system in Izu with 2-3 day travel passes that make traveling around very affordable.

Another great option, and great way to enjoy unique views of Mt Fuji, is to travel to Toi Onsen on the Suruga Ferry from Shimizu Port which is a short train ride from Shizuoka Station

Check out Izu Dream Pass in Mt Fuji Travel for more details.

You could spend your only week in the country traveling around Izu – savouring the food, soaking in the hot springs, meeting the locals & enjoying the hospitality and feel satisfied with your whole Japan experience.



If soaking in an onsen, wandering the halls of centuries old ryokan in a Japanese Yukata and slippers and feasting on fresh seafood with grated wasabi root paired with Japanese sake is your idea of the best way to refresh then Izu Peninsula is for you.

Short on time Atami Onsen is just 40 mins from Tokyo Station on the Tokaido bullet train and within an hour you could be soaking in a tub.

If you are looking for seclusion try Shuzenji Onsen town and if you are looking to get as far away as possible try some of the onsen on Izu's West Coast. 


During the Summer months Izu Peninsula comes alive as families and sun-seekers make their way to some of the more famous beaches in Izu such as Shimoda's Shirahama and Minami Izu's Yumigahama Beach.

Surfing, snorkeling, sea kayaking and other ocean activities are popular with visitors and their are a number of operators that offer tours in these areas.


One of the biggest appeals of Izu Peninsula is that, despite its proximity to Tokyo, there is a real sense that you are in a way off the grid, exploring somewhat uncharted areas of Japan.  



20 minutes down the Coast from Lover’s Cape is Dogashima  Park which is probably Nishi Izu’s most famous tourist spot due to the accessibility of the steep coastal cliffs and the popularity of the Dogashima Tensodo Cave Cruising boat tours. 

Sightseeing boats leave from Dogashima and are a great way to get a greater appreciation for the dramatic stone formations and cliffs that that line the coastline – most boat trips culminate with the boat entering the Tensodo Cave. 


As you venture further down the Western Coast of Izu things become more and more remote and you get a real sense of leaving civilization behind.

The small port town of Matsuzaki is worth exploring for an hour or two – the town is easy to get around by foot but if you don’t feel like the exercise a hand-drawn rickshaw service is also available.

Around the Matsuzaki area there are also a number of activity providers if you feel like getting active – choose from mountain biking, scuba diving, snorkeling or stand up paddle boarding.


About 20 minutes drive from Matsuzaki town are the picturesque Ichibu Rice Terraces.

Stop by if you have a car and enjoy the popular photo spot of terraced rice fields and if you which are a popular spot to stop and enjoy the breath taking view of the rice terraces winding down the valley to the ocean.

The paddy fields are filled with water mid-May through to early June at which time early morning and at dusk are a great time to get some instagramable photos.


Not far from Ichibu Rice Terraces is the Hagachizaki Monkey Bay. 

Not as famous as the onsen monkeys of Nagano this stony beach is home to over 300 Japanese Macaque monkeys and you are able to walk amongst them and even feed them – a fun experience for young and old.  


Right at the bottom of the West Coast is the small fishing village of Koura.

With no more than 200 houses huddled together behind the protective tsunami walls when you step into this village you can’t help but feel part of the community.

A couple of Minshuku (Guest houses / B’n’B) are available in the town with super friendly owners who will make you feel at home as soon as you step in the door.

If you enjoy fishing, sea kayaking, SUP or just feel like getting away from the World and reading a book then this is the place for you.


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Explore Nishi Izu

The West coast of Izu Peninsula. A journey along the coast offers intrepid travelers a chance to get off the beaten track..

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