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Follow the Tokaido Highway 

Hakone Hachiri


Heritage Area, Cedar Lined cobblestones, ‘Amazake’ (warm / sweet non alcoholic sake), Yamanaka Castle Ruins, Mishima Skywalk 

Hachiri literally means 8 Ri, a distance of approximately 32 kilometres. It refers to the stretch of the ancient Tokaido Highway between Odawara (Tokaido Juku #9) and Mishima (Juku #11), via Hakone (Juku #10).

During the Edo Period this stretch was a two day walk over some very mountainous terrain, but rewarded by spectacular views of Mt Fuji, Lake Ashinoko, and the Pacific Ocean.

Some parts of this stretch of Tokaido have been preserved and are enjoyed by many visitors today.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes for the day (about 8 km walking total) and bring a jacket in case of rain.



0830 Meet Odawara Station
– Train Odawara / Hakone Yumoto / Hakone Tozan Bus to Amazake Chaya
– Walk from Amazake Chaya down ancient Tokaido (about 2km) to MotoHakone
– Walk along Cedar Avenue to Hakone Checkpoint (1km)
– Lunch at Hakone Machi


– Bus from Hakone Machi to Settai Chaya cobblestones
– Walk Ancient Tokaido(Settai Chaya cobblestones / Yamanaka Shinda cobblestones) to Yamanaka Castle Ruins
– Bus to Mishima Skywalk
– Bus to Mishima Taisha
– Walk to Mishima Station

For more information check – Hike Hakone Hachiri

Stay in Mishima overnight and enjoy this charming small town.

Mishima Station

Mishima Station has something for everyone - for active types who like to get out & moving AND the more laid back types or families who just want to get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life or want to get your Mt Fuji moment.

Here are some examples of the many experiences accessible from Mishima Station - 


If you are traveling with children the petting zoo in Rakujuen, Mishima Skywalk in and around Mishima or the Panorama Park gondola, Geisha experience and Naruyama tea picking in Izunagaoka are great options to keep the young ones amused.


If you enjoy gardens, shrines, parks and museums try a guided walk around Mishima and visit Mishima Taisha Shrine and Kajouen Park or try this one day model course for Mishima.

Travel to the ancient hot spring town of Shuzenji where people have been visiting for centuries to escape the pressures of everyday life and enjoy true Japanese hospitality.



If you are active and you like to get out and enjoy hiking, golf, cycling, horse riding there are a number of options for you. Teeing off with Mt Fuji as your background is possibly the ultimate for any golf lover - try this 2-day self guided model course for Gotemba for a mix of outdoor activities and experiences to get you energized.


Shizuoka Spotlight

Here are some other ways to get Follow the Tokaido in Shizuoka.

For more articles that can be filtered based on location and your interests click the Shizuoka Spotlight Button below. 

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