Kakegawa City  

If you are traveling along the Tokaido Bullet Train and looking for a way to fill in a day Kakegawa is a great option that has something for the whole family.

Small castle Town with a big heart



Step off the Tokaido Bullet Train at Kakegawa and you are in Kakegawa City one of the more important Post Stations on the Ancient Tokaido Road due to its strategic positioning, its well established castle and as its importance as a trading post for salt, a valuable commodity at the time, being transported up to Nagano from the Pacific Ocean.

Today the most important commodity for Kakegawa City is not salt but green tea. 

Shizuoka Prefecture grows 40% of all green tea produced in Japan and many of the green tea fields in the Prefecture are in close proximity to Kakegawa City.


If you enjoy green tea Kakegawa City is a great stop on your journey through Japan.

If you are interested in learning more about how green tea is grown, harvested and processed there are a number of experiences in Kakegawa City.

If you are just interested in purchasing or drinking locally grown green tea there are a number of stores and cafes in Kakegawa City that sell green tea and related products.


Kakegawa Castle was originally built in the 15th century and was a strategic fortified region for centuries and during the Edo Period the castle help manage travelers on the Ancient Tokaido Highway as the made their way between Kyoto and the Capital of Edo (Tokyo).

Unfortunately the original castle was destroyed by the Ansei Tokai earthquake in 1854.

Kakegawa Castle was rebuilt in 1994 and is one of the only Japanese castles restored using traditional Japanese carpentry.

Today you are able to visit Kakegawa Castle and stroll through the castle grounds.

An opportunity to immerse yourself in a time of samurai and gain a better understanding of what life may have been like for people in that time.

Check our Kakegawa Castle Town Day Trip Model Course for options.

Pick up a Kakegawa Experience – Day Passport to get discounts on the Castle, Museums and other attractions in the area.

Kakegawa Station

Kakegawa Station is the 5th Bullet Train Station in Shizuoka along the Tokaido Line.

The city is famous as a castle town with a significant Samurai history and the surrounding area is one of the biggest producers of green tea in the World.


If you enjoy green tea and want to understand more about the history, culture and complexities of this drink and why it is so important to the Japanese people.

Explore Samurai Castles, Ancient Zen Temples and beautiful Japanese gardens that give you a glimpse of life 300 years ago.


From Kakegawa Station there are a number of Off The Beaten Track destinations to explore.

Ride a Steam Locomotive up into the deep valleys of the Japanese Southern Alps or rent a car bring your bike and spend a couple of days to explore endless green tea plantations and long stretches of coastline and beach culture.


An easy walk from Kakegawa Station there are a number of great attractions suitable for all ages.

Pick up a Kakegawa Day Passport and spend a day visiting Kakegawa Castle and the surrounding grounds and thrill the kids with a trip to the Bird Park to meet some colorful characters.



Kakegawa Bird Park (Kakegawa Kachoen) is a large flower and bird park just South of Kakegawa Station that houses a large number of different birds including flamingoes, emu, penguins, colorful toucan and other exotic birds.

Many of the birds are flying free through the indoor greenhouse which also houses a large lily pond and many of the birds are happy to perch on your arm and be feed with food for sale.

With a buffet restaurant on site and two daily bird shows in which staff demonstrate the owls and other birds of prey (in a controlled environment).

The park is a fun half day especially for young ones and families and a nice diversion from shrines and temples.


If you are looking for a cafe close to Kakegawa Station try Kanemo or Omura Garden (both about 10 minutes walk from the North Exit)

Kakegawa Castle, the castle grounds and Ninomaru Tea House are all a short walk from Kakegawa Station North Station.

Kakegawa Bird Park is a 3 minute taxi ride from Kakegawa Station South Exit or a 15 minute walk.

A great way to get around Kakegawa City is to rent a free bicycle.


There are a number of different stores in Kakegawa City -including Japanese sweets, crafts, sake and souvenirs – LINK

If you are looking for local restaurants and cafes – LINK

Download the Kakegawa City Walking Map – HERE

LINK TO KAKEGAWA CASTLE Explore Shizuoka page


Link to Kakegawa MODEL COURSE


LINK TO Mount Fuji Travel Kakegawa Experiences 

Kakegawa Bird Park Website

For more info on Kakegawa Bird Park check InHamamatsu.com

For many traveling on the Tokaido Bullet Train Kakegawa is just another brief stop on their journey between Tokyo and Kyoto.

Those who stop discover a delightful castle town steeped in history and famous for its World Class green tea that offers something for the whole family.

Check japan-guide.com for more.

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Spotlight – Kakegawa City

If you are traveling along the Tokaido Bullet Train line and looking for a way to fill in a day Kakegawa is a great option.

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