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Honjin Dori in Kakegawa

Less than 10 minutes away from Kakegawa station on the Tokaido Shinkansen in Shizuoka, lies a hidden gem, outdoor eateries and bars along a traditional Japanese eating street, beckoning you in for a bite and enticing you to stay for a drink. Discover the hidden food alley of Kakegawa.

Honjin Dori (meaning Honjin street) has been welcoming guests from near and far in tiny alley full of treasures for ages.

Nestled away in an alley only a short walk away from the main Shinkansen station in Kakegawa, Honjin Dori has a number of traditional eateries and bars that you might often see around train stations in Tokyo or Osaka, but in a casual outdoor setting.

The name Honjin, goes back to the Edo period of Japan (1600-1864), and was the name of the local daimyo (feudal lord) who oversaw the area.

In 2013, in cooperation with Kakegawa City Food Village, Honjin Dori was renewed and opened on August 25, 2013.

There are currently 16 eateries and bars to choose from, with plans to increase that number to 20.

Wander from Japanese food stalls offering everything from ramen and yakitori (meat skewers), to bars serving modern cocktails alongside hefty glasses of nama (draft beer), traditional sake and shochu.

Eateries serve a massive variety, from sesame ‘black’ ramen, seafood skewers, spicy Korean inspired dishes, to fresh seafood, sashimi, and premium Japanese beef, which is grilled teppanyaki style right before your eyes.

Its location in Kakegawa is the perfect city to host yourself in for a night or two, on your way down to the more touristy areas of Japan, as it lies right on the Tokaido shinkansen line between Tokyo and Kyoto.

Unlike other famous cities where such nightlife alleys exist, Kakegawa is still very unknown to the increasing number of visitors to Japan.

Here, you will feel as though you have stumbled across a secret location before the secret is out, where you can enjoy your time alongside locals who’ve been frequenting the alleys for years.

Visit Honjin Dori and have a more authentic (and fun!) experience with friends and family on your trip to Japan. Aside from great outdoor dining, the authentic Japanese castle in Kakegawa is a must see too.

See here for more information on how to get here and tours.

● MT FUJI TRAVEL – Search for other activities and attractions around Kakegawa

● Honjin Dori Official site (Japanese only).

● Follow Honjin Dori on Instagram.

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