Minshuku Stay in Kawane

Stepping off the beaten path, traveling into the countryside, interacting with locals, and experiencing their everyday way of life is the one of the best ways to enjoy Japan and explore a different side of the country.   

‘Minshuku‘ are the Japanese equivalent of a Bed and Breakfast and provide an intimate experience for visitors to Japan. Shizuoka is a large prefecture, and the region’s natural assets include everything from mountainous interiors to jagged coastlines and long stretches of beach – every area provides a different experience.

This means that the region provides a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to explore and discover the real Japan. Minshuku accomodations can cater to couples, families, small and large groups, and will always offer a unique experience – stories that will stay with you for years to come.

Some Minshuku are rustic and quaint and adhere to traditions hundreds of years old,  while others are modern expressions of Japanese traditional architecture – no matter where you stay the one constant is the amazing Japanese warmth and hospitality that the country is so famous for.

Kawane, is a town nestled amongst valleys of green tea fields in Shizuoka’s interior, with farm to table experiences and nature walks rivalled by few. 



Take a step back in time and ride a Steam Locomotive up the valley to Kawane.

A collection of local minshuku have opened their doors to tourists and are leading the way for local Japanese farm to table experiences.

As you stay with the locals you can gather food and prepare the meal together with your hosts.

Spend your days walking through iconic tea fields, beautiful valleys, and by the flowing river. Your nights can be spent relaxing in onsens, enjoying the locals stories, and gazing at endless stars.

Travel to Kawane to transcend cultural and language barriers and experience some “Inaka” hospitality!




Hop off the Tokaido Bullet Train at either Shizuoka or Kakegawa Stations and take a short ride on the local train to Shin Kanaya station.

If you time it right you will be able to catch either a Steam Locomotive train or even Thomas the Tank Engine for the 1 hour ride up to Senzu Station.

Most of the Minshuku owners will be able to pick you up from Senzu station or alternatively there should be some taxis waiting that will know the location.

Once you are in the area the main modes of transport are taxi or bus.

For more information check – Kawane Green Tourism

Check our Model Course to help you plan your trip.

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