Explore Mt. Fuji from a different perspective

From exploring the majesty of the Shiraito falls and cycling through traditional villages, to personalised kimono fittings and sweet making.

Fujinomiya City based Mt Fuji Ecotours is your gateway to authentic and unique Japanese experiences. 

Fujinomiya – Closest city to Mt Fuji

In the eastern area of Shizuoka, nestled at the foot of Mt Fuji, is the small city of Fujinomiya. The area around Fujinomiya is home to a way of life that has remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years.

Generations of shop owners have dedicated their lives to pursuing their craft – whether that be kimono fitting, traditional sweet making or sake brewing – and are now ready to share that culture with visitors to their town providing eco-tours that offer a glimpse into unique authentic Japanese artisan crafts.

The area of Fujinomiya is home to traditional villages, ancient culture and a vibrant community living in perfect harmony with Japan’s Iconic mountain and is a gem that is yet to be truly discovered by foreign visitors more focused on the traditional tourist towns.

It is said that the water that soaks into the core of Mt Fuji, from rain or snowmelt, goes through an intense filtration system and can take up to 70 years before it resurfaces.This makes it arguably some of the freshest and cleanest water in the world.

Add that to the fact that the mountain has been revered as a deity by people in Japan for just as long as they have been around and it is no wonder people come from all over the world to sample some Fuji water.

Ecologic Japan / Enya Mt Fuji Eco Tours


The founder of Ecologic Japan, Masa Shinitani, is hoping to attract more people to the area and share a uniquely local and authentic Japan experience, while still encouraging tourism that respects the local community and supports the village in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

With this in mind, Masa created Enya Mt Fuji Ecotours, to showcase the unique culture and local people.

Offering Japanese experiences that are more than simply the cookie cutter offerings tourists might see in Kyoto, Tokyo or other more popular areas.

Where ever you go in Fujinomiya City Mount Fuji is a constant presence (although quite often may be shrouded in clouds – especially Summer) and there is no escape its influence on the people and their lives.

Popular Fujinomiya Based Ecotours:

1. Mt Fuji Hiking and Shrine Ecotour – A relaxing day hike up Mt Fuji starting at the Sengen Taisha shrine (one of the most important shrines in the Japanese religion of Shinto). After the hike return to Fujinomiya and enjoy a traditional Japanese dessert in a traditional Japanese Inn.

2. Township & Culture Ecotour – A stroll through Fujinomiya City area wearing a traditional kimono, visit the photogenic Taisha Sengen Shrine and then enjoy a lesson from a master Japanese sweet maker and learn how to pour the perfect cup of Shizuoka Green Tea.

3. Local Village Cycling Ecotour – A relaxed cycle tour featuring different seasonal activities ranging from exploring the amazing shiraito falls in Spring / Summer or learning how to brew sake (Winter) or simply enjoying deliciously battered tempura with handmade soba noodles in any season.

4. Local Food & Culture Ecotour – Follow your local guide through the streets of Fujinomiya meeting the locals and trying many of the local delicacies including Fujinomiya Yakisoba and Mt Fuji shaped Sushi and learn what life is like living at the foot of Mt Fuji.

If your group is large enough, such as an international school group and you would like a private and customised tour, Ecologic is more than happy to hear from you and plan your amazing Japanese experience.  

Professional and knowledgeable english speaking guides are available as well, so language is not a problem.

With Shizuoka being right between Tokyo and Kyoto, and Shin-Fuji Station only an hour by Shinkansen from Tokyo, why not get in touch with Masa and his team and explore Mt Fuji away from the crowds with an Enya Mt Fuji Ecotour today!

Fujinomiya Mt Fuji Ecotours ENYA Mt Hoei Forest Hike

For more information on things to do in Fujinomiya please check:

Fujinomiya Tourism Board Website (English)

For more information on Mt Fuji Eco Tours please check:

Mt Fuji Travel


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