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Mount Fuji Travel

Recommended experiences, activities & adventures waiting for you in Shizuoka!

The Mt Fuji Travel filter page will help you find some of the best experiences and activities in Shizuoka.

Japanese travelers have used the Tokaido Road to travel to Shizuoka for centuries in order to refresh their spirit in onsen, make pilgrimages to shrines and temples, marvel at the majestic Mt Fuji, drink green tea, and sample some of the country’s finest seafood.


Shizuoka has something for anyone who likes to get up and get active – with stunning coastlines of Izu, Mt Fuji or green tea fields as your backdrop.


Time to unplug and get away from the pressures of everyday life? Shizuoka has a long history of helping people unwind and recharge before continuing your journey.


If you want to dig a little deeper and discover authentic Japanese experiences they are waiting in Shizuoka. So why not plan your trip today?


Escape the crowds & get off the beaten path in Shizuoka and explore nature and everything that Shizuoka
has to offer.


Looking for Adventure? Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Mountain Biking – Shizuoka has it all to help you get your blood pumping!


Shizuoka is a great destination for kids with lots of activities and experiences to keep them occupied.

Mt Fuji

For most visitors to Japan Mt Fuji is at the top of the ‘Must Do’ list. Shizuoka has a range of experiences and activities to help you Explore this iconic mountain.

Food & Drink

With an abundance of fresh flowing water, stable warm weather and close proximity to a bountiful Pacific Ocean Shizuoka has some of the best Japanese food options in the country.

Overnight Experiences

Take time exploring Shizuoka – Stay overnight and experience traditional Japanese hospitality.

Shizuoka Tea With...

Personalized experiences enjoying a cup of green tea with local people in Shizuoka.

Model Courses

 1-2 day self guided itineraries easily accessible from each of the 6 stations on the Tokaido Bullet Train Line.

Online Experiences

Explore Shizuoka from the comfort of your own home by joining one of a variety of online experiences.

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