Hamamatsu Golf Trip

One of the most uniquely Japanese golf and stay experiences is easily accessible from Kakegawa Station in the ‘Enshu’ area of Shizuoka Prefecture. 

After a day of golf, hot springs and relaxing at the Japanese castle-like Katsuragi Hotel spend a day exploring the Enshu area by train or car and enjoy a variety of authentic experiences that will satisfy and delight.

Day 1

Hamamatsu Station


Museum of Musical Instruments

Museum of Musical InstrumentsHamamatsu Museum of musical instruments 2 mins from the station boasts a vast collection of musical instruments from Japan and around the World.


Visit Hamamatsu Gate Info Centre

Visit Hamamatsu Gate Info CentreAfter arriving at Hamamatsu station stop into ‘The Gate’ Information desk for help with last minute bookings or to get help with travel plans.


Hana no Mai Sake Brewery

Hananomai Sake BreweryTake a train up to Hana no Mai sake brewery to experience a 150 year old Japanese sake brewery, learn how the sake is produced.


Local Farm to Table experience

Local Farm to TableWith a bottle from the Hananomai Sake take a short taxi ride to the restaurant Notice and be delighted with a fantastic lunch made with vegetables grown in the garden right outside the window.


Check in to KitanoMaru Hotel

Check in to Kitanomaru HotelArrive at Kitanomaru hotel for 3pm check in to maximise your relaxation time at this spectacular Castle-like hotel. Wander through the gardens or soak in the magnificent hot springs baths.

Day 2



Breakfast at Hotel

Breakfast at HotelBefore a big day on the links enjoy a buffet breakfast, with a mix of Japanese and Western options, at the hotel.


Katsuragi Golf Club

Katsuragi GolfOne of Japan’s more exclusive golf courses the Katsuragi Golf Club prides itself on its manicured course and challenging greens. Clubs & shoes are available to rent.


Lunch at the course

Lunch at the CourseA buffet lunch is available at the course.




Yamaha Piano Factory

Yamaha Piano FactoryAfter golf (or as an option for non golfers) the Yamaha Piano Factory is a fascinating experience and great way to really understand what is meant by ‘Japanese Efficiency’. 

Kakegawa Station

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