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Spotlight – Gotemba

With a backdrop dominated by the Majestic Mt Fuji, Gotemba offers visitors a wide range of activities and attractions suitable for everyone.  

Mt Fuji, SHopping Mall & so Much More…



Gotemba is most famous for spectacular views of Mt Fuji and Japan’s most popular Outlet Shopping Mall.

Many visitors to the area do not realise that Gotemba has so much more to offer – just a short train ride from Shinjuku Station.

On a clear day in Gotemba wherever you go the skyline is dominated by Mount Fuji.

Every Summer thousands of people arrive at Gotemba Station with their hiking shoes and day packs ready to climb Japan’s most iconic mountain.

The Gotemba Trail on Mt Fuji starts at the lowest elevation and is the longest of the 4 trails on the mountain.

It is also less developed than the Yoshida and Fujinomiya trails but is also less crowded in the peak season.

Many Mt Fuji climbers often climb up the Fujinomiya trail as it is a little shorter and then descend on the Gotemba side of the mountain enjoying the “Osunabashiri” – Great Sand Run which is a large area of loose lava gravel making it possible to almost run down the mountain.

Another advantage of descending the Gotemba trail is that there are plenty of Hot Springs waiting for you and the Romance Car from Gotemba straight back to Shinjuku Station is a comfortable way to travel.


In recent years Outlet Shopping Malls have become very popular popping up all around Japan.

But by far the most popular is the Gotemba Premium Outlets mall.

The mall is easily accessible from Tokyo (1.5 hr direct bus from Shinjuku Station) with 290 outlet stores including many international brands and a newly opened Hotel and Onsen facility. 

All of this with, on a clear day, stunning views of Mt Fuji while you shop.

Mishima Station

Mishima Station has something for everyone - for active types who like to get out & moving AND the more laid back types or families who just want to get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life or want to get your Mt Fuji moment.

Here are some examples of the many experiences accessible from Mishima Station - 


If you are traveling with children the petting zoo in Rakujuen, Mishima Skywalk in and around Mishima or the Panorama Park gondola, Geisha experience and Naruyama tea picking in Izunagaoka are great options to keep the young ones amused.


If you enjoy gardens, shrines, parks and museums try a guided walk around Mishima and visit Mishima Taisha Shrine and Kajouen Park or try this one day model course for Mishima.

Travel to the ancient hot spring town of Shuzenji where people have been visiting for centuries to escape the pressures of everyday life and enjoy true Japanese hospitality.



If you are active and you like to get out and enjoy hiking, golf, cycling, horse riding there are a number of options for you. Teeing off with Mt Fuji as your background is possibly the ultimate for any golf lover - try this 2-day self guided model course for Gotemba for a mix of outdoor activities and experiences to get you energized.



But many visitors don’t realize that Gotemba is so much more than just Mt Fuji and Shopping.

If you like to get outside and get active in Gotemba you can try Horse Back Riding, Mountain Biking and Golf with Mt Fuji as your backdrop which makes it a truly unique experience.

There are about 10 golf courses in the close Gotemba area making it a popular destination for golfers on the weekends.

Cycling is also a popular activity in the Gotemba area with a number of challenging cycling routes including the road up to Gotemba 5th Station on Mt Fuji.

If you are not feeling so active you can try your hand at Soba making, traditional indigo blue tie dying experience, enjoy a gourmet Italian meal with views of Mt Fuji or visit the award winning Kirin Fuji Gotemba Whisky Distillery and take a tour.


After a big day of shopping, hiking, biking, golf or other experiences there are a number of great accommodation options in the area.

If you are looking for something unique spend a night at luxury glamping spot Fujino Kirameki.

If you are traveling with family Tokinosumika is a very affordable accommodation “experience” that needs to be seen to be believed.

If you are planning to shop until you drop then the newly built Hotel Clad at the Premium Outlet offers views of Mt Fuji from more than half of the rooms and gives you an opportunity to soak in an Onsen with spectacular views.


Gotemba is incredibly easy to get to from Tokyo with a number of different options available.

From Shinjuku Station both JR and Gotemba Premium Outlets have direct buses to the shopping Mall.

If you prefer to travel by train the Odakyu Romance Car is a very comfortable way to travel – there are 3 direct trains per day leaving at 06:40, 10:40 & 14:40.

If you are planning to play golf in Gotemba you can hop on the early Romance Car from Shinjuku and be on the first tee by 09:00am.

If you are traveling with a JR Rail Pass or you are traveling along the Tokaido Bullet train line Gotemba is easily accessible from Mishima Station – taking the local Tokaido line to Numazu and then changing to the Gotemba Line.

If you are traveling from nearby Hakone there are many buses available from the area.

Getting around Gotemba once you are there is a little more challenging.

Many of the local accommodations, golf courses and the Mall offer pick up services from Gotemba and some from Mishima Station.

There are many taxis available from Gotemba Station and most of the activities and attractions are close to the station so it is not too expensive to get around.

Renting a car from Gotemba Station or a bicycle from the Gotemba Station Tourist Office are other great ways to get around the city and give you a little more freedom to move around.

Shizuoka Stations

Discover information on other Activities & Experiences around Mishima Station.

For more content that can be filtered based on your interests click the Shizuoka Stations Button below. 

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