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Haruno & tenryu River

Deep in the heart of Shizuoka at the foothills of the Southern Alps there is an adventure waiting along the Tenryu River. 

Follow the Tenryu River to Haruno

Traveling North from Hamamatsu City to small rural towns, such as Haruno, dotted along the Tenryu River is a great way to Explore Shizuoka.


The Tenryu River is one of the most important waterways in Shizuoka.

Stretching 212 kilometers from its source, Lake Suwa in Nagano, the Tenryu River flows down between Japan’s Central and Southern Alps and down to coastal plains just North of Hamamatsu City.

As the Tenryu River flows through Shizuoka it is joined by tributary rivers such as the Keta River and Atago River.

Each of these tributary rivers offers a wide array of different adventures and experiences.

This part of the Shizuoka interior is popular with hikers, cyclists, kayakers, fisherman, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts due to its abundant nature.


Located on the banks of the Keta River Haruno Honcho is a picturesque town that is well known as a river camping destination in Summer, famous for Mt Akiha Hongu Akiba Shrine which boasts one of the biggest Tengu masks in Japan.

Tengu is a type of Japanese demon or deity that has taken many forms over the years but evolved to become a symbol of forests and mountains and is said to protect from fire.

You won’t find the Tenryu Area on your typical tourist map of Japan – Even for many of the locals, this area is relatively unknown and unexplored.

But that is the charm of this area – relatively untouched nature and a secret spot not too far from the main highway between Tokyo and Osaka.

For the adventurous traveler and lovers of the outdoors and a bit of wilderness, Haruno is a great travel option.


Hamamatsu is for artisans, musicians, craftsman, tinkerers and people who like to dig a little deeper to discover the hidden jems – and for anyone who likes gyoza.


If you are looking to get outdoors and get active the Hamamatsu area has a lot of great options.

Grab a rental bike and cruise around the city, head to Lake Hamana and get out on the water, or head for the hills and check out some of the great hiking and cycling options in the Tenryu Region.


Hamamatsu City is famous throughout Japan for its Gyoza (pan-fried Japanese dumpling). Try your hand at making your own Soy Sauce at a 100-year-old 'Shoyu' factory and take it with you to learn how to make your own handmade gyoza then pair it with some of the locally made award-winning Sake - DETAILS.


If you are looking for something a little more relaxing the Hot Springs in Kanzanji overlooking Lake Hamana have been soothing weary travelers for centuries.

Or visit the Yamaha Innovation Road, Suzuki Plaza or Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments to be inspired or try your hand at traditional Japanese tie dye or drum making for mental stimulation.



As with many other areas in Shizuoka, the Tenryu area of Hamamatsu has many green tea farms.

However, thanks to its higher elevation in the mountains and cooler climate that keeps away harmful insects, Haruno is one of only a few areas in Japan that produces organic green tea.

The biggest attraction of the Tenryu area is the river and riverside activities – particularly camping, kayaking, SUP and other river activities are popular Summer activities for those wanting to escape the heat of Hamamatsu City.

Autumn Leaves Season is also a big attraction to the area – from Late October through November the mountains are ablaze with Red, Browns, Orange, and Yellow as the season changes.


There are only two real options to explore the Tenryu Area of Hamamatsu – by car or by bike.

Hamamatsu Rental Car Information.

Camping cars are becoming more and more popular in Japan and this is a great place to explore if you have one.

Just 30 minutes off the Shin-Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu-Hamakita Interchange to the Akiha Shrine.

If you prefer pedal power you can pick up an excellent rental bike at The Gate Information Center close to Hamamatsu Bullet Train Station.

If you are keen you can cycle through the city or jump on the Enshu Train with your bike to Futamata Honmachi Station and follow the Tenryu River up from there.

Shizuoka Stations

Discover information on other Activities & Experiences around Hamamatsu Station.

For more content that can be filtered based on your interests click the Shizuoka Stations Button below. 

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