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Shizuoka is the wonder of Japan hidden in plain sight. Located in central Japan, the prefecture has multiple stops along the Tokaido shinkansen which travels between Tokyo and Kyoto. The unique geography stretches from the mountains to the sea, and is where Japan comes to reinvigorate their spirit in onsen, make pilgrimages to shrines and temples, ascend the majestic Mt Fuji, drink tea, and sample some of the country’s finest seafood.


The region is alive with history and has many of the iconic temples and shores celebrated in Japanese art and poetry over the centuries. The famous Tokaido route, the ancient road linking Tokyo to Kyoto, winds through its mountains and along its shores. For fans of Japanese history, one can walk the Tokaido route from from inn to inn, similar to travellers from the Edo period, or one can visit the castle right in Shizuoka city where Tokugawa Ieyasu was once held hostage. Escape the temple hordes in Kyoto and explore a history all its own.


If you’re looking for adventures in an idyllic setting then Shizuoka has everything and more.

Outdoor activities start with exploring the long white sand beaches of Izu peninsula, where adrenaline junkies can get their fix of water sports, and then move into the deeply forested mountains with their challenging and relaxing hikes that end up in astounding views, and then finish with scuba, snorkelling, or a bit of mountain biking. At the end of the day, relax in an onsen in Atami, the seaside town which is one of the top 3 onsen towns in Japan. The number of ways to experience the natural beauty of Shizuoka are too many to count.  


Shizuoka is dotted with small communities, and now locals are opening their doors and welcoming people from all around the world, sharing their local culture with visitors through food and drink, dress and crafts, and the rich and unique local history. Experience small town culture with ecotours and support local communities, venture deep into the mountains and participate in traditions and festivals centuries old, or simply drink sake with locals down by the seaside. Shizuoka is rich in cultural activities to explore.

Mt Fuji Travel – Easily find activity providers to help you Explore Shizuoka

One of the best ways to plan various activities in Shizuoka is to use Tourism Shizuoka’s Mt Fuji Travel booking portal site –  – which makes finding, booking and arranging your Shizuoka experience easy and efficient click here for more details.

Cycling in Shizuoka

Cycling in Shizuoka There is no doubt that Japan is quickly becoming recognized as one of the world's top cycling destinations - Shizuoka has something for everyone. With mountains that rival that of Europe, abundant quiet roads where cars are seldom seem and a...

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Shuzenji – A walk through history

Walking Through History With over 1200 years of history as a place of rest, reflection and recuperation the secluded hot-spring (onsen) town of Shuzenji on the Izu Peninsula has had many years to refine what it takes to help you soak away the stresses and pressures of...

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Farm to Table Experience in Kawane

Farm to Table, Steam Locomotive & Bridge of Dreams Take a journey on a steam locomotive deep into the forest covered mountains of Kawane, Shizuoka – discover turquoise waters nestled amongst a canvas of green, friendly locals creating farm to table

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