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Whether you are looking to Energize yourself at the start of your holiday or ready to slow down and Refresh –
At every stop along the Tokaido Line there are a wide variety of Things to Do in Shizuoka.


Immerse yourself in History, Culture, and Traditions through authentic Japanese Experiences.

Take a step off the beaten path to Explore nature or get out of your comfort zone and find Adventure.

Shizuoka has plenty of options to Energize travelers of all ages no matter what level of excitement and many ways to help you Refresh and enjoy Japanese Hospitality and Food & Drink.


Shizuoka is possibly the ideal destination for anyone who has come to Japan for authentic Japanese Experiences.

Shizuoka has played an important role in Japan’s long and proud history and many of the traditions, culture and way of life have been preserved over the years.

The prefecture that has everything that you could want from a Japanese holiday – History, Culture, Food, Nature and an opportunity to experience everyday Japanese life.

You will have plenty of chances to meet some of the friendly locals without having to worry about getting lost – no matter where you are in Shizuoka, you are never too far from a bullet train station.

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Although the Tokaido Road has seen many travelers over the last 500 years, surprisingly you don’t have to stray too far from this well-worn path to find yourself in some of the most spectacular and still largely undiscovered parts of Japan.

Shizuoka has much to offer those travelers who like to explore unbeaten paths and believe that the best way to really get to know the country you are visiting is to get a little bit lost. 

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Options for adventure-seekers in Shizuoka are also endless – for those who like to really step out of their comfort zone.

Because the prefecture is blessed with high mountains, deep ocean, long stretches of coastline, and fast-flowing rivers there is bound to be something to help get the heart racing.

Shizuoka has a range of options that are bound to appeal to anyone who likes to get out and find adventure.

From paragliding in front of Mt Fuji to bungy jumping, canyoning and surfing, there is plenty here to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Shizuoka has a long proud history of looking after weary travelers looking to Refresh and Recharge on their journey – today, right across the Prefecture that tradition of hospitality continues as strong as ever.


For travelers looking for a slower pace and to perhaps slip away from their everyday life, Shizuoka offers a number of different options to suit different needs.

Traditional hot spring resorts can be found throughout the Shizuoka Prefecture and there is no better way to recharge the soul, body and mind than a soak in an indoor or outdoor onsen.

A long soak in the healing mineral waters of a hot spring complimented with an amazing Japanese ‘kaiseki’ multi-course meal, some sake and a comfy bed is a great way to totally relax during your visit to Japan.

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Traveling with a family has its challenges but the experience that children can have on a trip to Japan, opening their eyes to a different culture and way of life.

Experiences that will leave a deep impression and stay with them for a lifetime.

Because Shizuoka provides easily accessible experiences and activities that are suited to children, it is a great destination to bring the little ones without having to worry too much about them getting bored.

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There is no better way to Recharge than having a nice relaxing meal.

Shizuoka Prefecture is Famous for its Food and Drink.

Japan is world-famous for having perfected a dining experience that is purposely designed to help you forget your worries and stress and to focus on the array of different flavors and textures in the food – a meal for all your senses.

Blessed with a stable year-round climate and an abundance of fresh-flowing water means Shizuoka produces some of the best produce in Japan.

Shizuoka is one of the biggest produces of Japanese green tea and stream-grown wasabi in the World.

Shizuoka is also famous for the freshness of the seafood caught all along the Pacific Coast and in Suruga Bay.

Sakura shrimp, spiny lobster, fresh whitebait, and ‘kinmedai’ sea bream and abalone are among some of the most famous seafood caught in Shizuoka.

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