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Highlights of the Area 



The Old Tokaido Highway became firmly established in the early 17th century as the main thoroughfare for travelers between the new capital of Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto.

The 27th Post Town of Fukuroi was known as the ‘Domanaka’ or exact halfway point of the long journey and, after leaving the Fukuroi Post Station weary travelers would feel, at least momentarily, that they were on the home stretch.

Fukuroi Juku was a modest Post Town compared to its larger neighbors Kakegawa Juku to the East and Hamamatsu Juku to the West, but Fukuroi Post Station was one of the more significant spiritual and religious stops along the Old Tokaido Highway due to the 3 highly revered temples in the area known as the Enshu Sanzan Temples.

The 3 Enshu Sanzan Buddhist temples are all more than 1,000 years old and pre-date the Old Tokaido Highway.

Visiting all 3 temples in Fukuroi is a great way to step back in time to Japan’s past and better understand the influence of the Buddhist religion on the country and its people.

2 of the 3 temples in Fukuroi, Kasuisai and Yusanji Temple, are relatively close but Hattasan Soenji temple is a little further away and visitors will need to either rent a car or take a taxi.

Another option is to jump on a bike and cycle between the 3 destinations. 



After arriving at Fukuroi Station there are a number of Tokaido Road remnants to visit that are within walking distance of the station.

Visit the Tokaido Domanaka Chaya – a teahouse that has existed since the Tokaido Road was at its peak – well known as the exact halfway point on the long journey.

Close to the Domanaka Chaya there are parks that indicate the position of past “Honjin” and you can also try the local Fluffy Egg dish that is said to have been favored by the family of Shogun passing through Fukuroi.

After visiting the local sites around Fukuroi Station head for the first of the Enshu Sanzan- Kasuisai.


A large sprawling Zen Buddhist Temple with a large Japanese garden Kasuisai is well known for Zazen mediation which you can experience while there.

From Late May through to early July the Kasui Lily park features more than 3,000 flowering lilies.

Yusanji is a mountain temple with a sacred forest and a large pagoda – in Summer the waterfall meditation is a great way to find inner peace and cool down.

Hattasan Soenji temple provides visitors with good fortune – in Late March / early April boasts over 700 cherry trees and the spectacular Ten Thousand Light Festival in Summer.

For a detailed map of Fukuroi Post Station and Tokaido related attractions in English check

Kakegawa Station

Kakegawa Station is the 5th Bullet Train Station in Shizuoka along the Tokaido Line.

The city is famous as a castle town with a significant Samurai history and the surrounding area is one of the biggest producers of green tea in the World.


If you enjoy green tea and want to understand more about the history, culture, and complexities of this drink and why it is so important to the Japanese people.

Explore Samurai Castles, Ancient Zen Temples, and beautiful Japanese gardens that give you a glimpse of life 300 years ago.


From Kakegawa Station there are a number of Off The Beaten Track destinations to explore.

Ride a Steam Locomotive up into the deep valleys of the Japanese Southern Alps or rent a car bring your bike and spend a couple of days exploring endless green tea plantations and long stretches of coastline and beach culture.


An easy walk from Kakegawa Station there are a number of great attractions suitable for all ages.

Pick up a Kakegawa Day Passport and spend a day visiting Kakegawa Castle and the surrounding grounds and thrill the kids with a trip to the Bird Park to meet some colorful characters.


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