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The Old Tokaido Highway became firmly established in the early 17th century as the main thoroughfare for travelers between the new capital of Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto.

The 12th Post Town of Numazu was the Eastern most Post Station where the Suruga and Izu regions met – which are both now part of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Numazu Juku was a large Post station with close to 1,200 buildings and it was an important strategic military location for the Tokugawa Shogunate during their reign.

Modernization has meant that there is not much left of the Numazu of 250 years ago and most of the Old Tokaido Highway is unrecognizable amongst the urban sprawl.

There is still enough in Numazu however to make a one day visit worthwhile – especially for history buffs and lovers of fresh seafood. 



From Numazu Station it is a short walk to Kano River to connect with the Old Tokaido Highway and take in the scene shown in Hiroshige’s woodblock print for Numazu Juku.

If you have a full day to explore Numazu jump in a taxi (10 mins) or rent a bike and head to the Imperial Residence Memorial Park.

The Residence and its grounds are an interesting step back in time and a glimpse of how the Japanese Imperial Family spent their holidays in years gone by – don’t miss the duck-meatball soba for lunch.


After the Imperial Residence head back to the Numazu Fish Market area & continue on through Senbonhama Park, follow the coast all the way up to the next Tokaido Post Town of Hara Juku.

From Hara Station train back to Numazu Station or continue on along the Tokaido.

For a detailed map of Numazu Juku and Tokaido related attractions in English check

Mishima Station

Mishima Station has something for everyone - for active types who like to get out & moving AND the more laid-back types or families who just want to get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life or want to get your Mt Fuji moment.

Here are some examples of the many things to do, and experiences accessible from Mishima Station - 


If you are traveling with children the petting zoo in Rakujuen, Mishima Skywalk in and around Mishima or the Panorama Park gondola, Geisha experience and Naruyama tea picking in Izunagaoka are great options to keep the young ones amused.


If you enjoy gardens, shrines, parks and museums try a guided walk around Mishima and visit Mishima Taisha Shrine and Kajouen Park or try this one day model course for Mishima.

Travel to the ancient hot spring town of Shuzenji where people have been visiting for centuries to escape the pressures of everyday life and enjoy true Japanese hospitality.


If you are active and you like to get out and enjoy hiking, golf, cycling, horse riding there are a number of options for you. Teeing off with Mt Fuji as your background is possibly the ultimate for any golf lover - try this 2-day self guided model course for Gotemba for a mix of outdoor activities and experiences to get you energized.


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